Seat & Upholstery Repair

Should You Have Car-Care Repair or Service your Seat, Headliner, or Upholstery ?

If your vehicle’s power Seat, Headliner, or Upholstery is causing you stress, take advantage of our power seat, headliner, or upholstery service. We are equipped with the right tools to service your power seat, headliner, or upholstery. We will look it over and after identifying the problem, we will go to work repairing your power seat, headliner, or upholstery so it will function correctly again. If you have any questions before we begin the repair process, please ask, we will explain the different components that make up and allow your power seat, headliner, or upholstery to look and work properly.

Car-Care Seat, Headliner, or Upholstery repairs. What type of power Seats, Headliner, or Upholstery do you have?

What type of seat, headliner, or upholstery do you have in your car or truck? It is important to know what type of power seat, headliner, or upholstery is installed in your vehicle so that if it breaks or is damaged, the proper interior parts and power seat, headliner, or upholstery can be installed to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

A seat can be manual or electric some are heated and air conditioning cooled. Some have airbags, adjustable lumbars, computers, airbag sensors and usually have a leather or cloth covering that protects frame the foam and everything else inside the seat allowing you a much more comfortable ride. A headliner repair can be even more complicated and time-consuming to remove and recover the headliner bored with new material. Because of Sunroofs, air bags, air sensors, televisions, Lighting and electric wiring. All of course depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

When Can Car-Care repair my Car or Truck ?

As soon as possible. It can quickly become hazardous to have a broken seat, hanging Headliner or a torn and damaged Upholstery in your car or trucks interior. Driving down the highway with a broken seat or a hanging headliner can be incredibly distracting and unsafe.

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We proudly service the Seat, Headliner, and Upholstery Repair needs of customers in Clermont, FL, and the surrounding areas.


Seat & Upholstery Repair


Seat & Upholstery Repair

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